Città Italiais the new born brand of the European Enterprises Academy for the commercialization of the agribusiness Italian products, as the final step of the enhancing and promotion of the marketing process for the Italian territorial developing.
The Città Italia Project aims to raise awareness to those products consumption whose identity card is originated in the Italian territory in order to protect both the producer and the consumer by giving the certification P.I.T (Identity of the territorial product) awarded from the European Enterprises Academy throughout the raw materials tracing process from the transformation to the product packaging.
The thirty-year’s European Enterprises Academy members experience has provided the national and international marketing experience to Aroma Italia, the legal identity of the commercialization project. The head office is located in Reggio Emilia, a strategic position in the middle of North of Italy, easy to reach both from national and foreign markets.

Sale of products in Italy and abroad to:

  • Dealer
  • Distributors


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